Player Bio

Nickname: Too Hard To Guard

Borough: Manhattan (Washington Heights)

High School: Brandeis

College: Eastern Washington University

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 165 lbs.

Pos: PG

Twitter: @2hard2guard10

The Dyckman Basketball League has the toughest crowd in the city and out of all the Team NIKE players, Too Hard To Guard knows it best. As a homegrown Dyckman product, Too Hard To Guard grew up playing and establishing his rep for the home team Da Young Ones. Despite not playing organized high school basketball, he honed his game through hard work and turned his handle into unguardable havoc all under the watchful eye of the 1 Train. Present day, he simply can’t be guarded and is a flat out winner. His resume includes a T.O.C. Championship, The 2009 Nike Player of The Summer Award, and he’s only getting better. Team NIKE will look for him to provide scoring, to create for his teammates, and to bring a little hometown Dyckman flavor and luck.

Video: Meet Too Hard To Guard

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